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Audible GmbH

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Since inventing and commercializing the first portable digital audio player in 1997, our focus on technological innovation and superior programming has earned us millions of listeners around the world. Whether they’re working out, driving, cooking or relaxing on the beach, we’re transforming the way people spend their time, opening new worlds and fresh ideas. From day one, we’ve been unleashing the power of the spoken word to inspire, offer insight, teach, and persuade. Ours is an extraordinary tale – and we’re just getting started.

Audible reinvented a media category, becoming a leading destination for digital entertainment and a powerhouse of creative, original spoken-word content. We’re inspired by artistic creativity, emergent technologies, and the glories of the human spectrum. We are vigilant observers of the world around us. Here, we imagine without fear, we disrupt the status quo and we work on projects that shatter preconceptions.

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