Dialogue Social Enterprise GmbH

Dialogue Social Enterprise GmbH

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Dialogue Social Enterprise is a social enterprise operating worldwide. Our mission is to facilitate social inclusion of disabled, disadvantaged and elderly people on a global basis. Disability is a rising issue and demographic change is considered to be a megatrend. The number of people with disability is growing due to an aging population and an increase in chronic illnesses related to higher life cycle expectancies. Our goals are

  • to raise awareness
    about the contribution to society by people with disability and elderly
    people, leading to an inclusive behaviour
  • to improve the social economic condition of handicapped people, especially blind, visually and hearing impaired people

To achieve these goals we operate exhibitions, workshops and events
worldwide. We developed a social franchise system and work with local
partners and organisations globally. Three programs catalyse our


  • Exhibitions and workshops in complete darkness to explore the unseen facilitated by visually impaired people


  • Exhibitions and workshops in complete silence about nonverbal communication facilitated by hearing impaired people

  • Exhibitions and experimental play about the art of aging facilitated by senior citizens

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Ausstellungen/Messebau/Events, Kultur/Sport, Soziale Dienste/Verbände/Vereine/Stiftungen
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Estelle Bolin 
+49 40 300923212

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