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Piranha Arts AG
Kreuzbergstrasse 30
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 Piranha ArtsMusic is our driving force, crossing borders is our aim

Piranha Arts is an independent creative company made in Berlin since 1987. From the very start, music has been our driving force to increase the value of crossing borders – be they cultural, political or commercial. Drawing from more than 25 years of experience as cultural innovators, technical developers, curators, partners and multipliers, the Piranha Arts tree now has six dynamic branches.

It all started with the Piranha Records & Publishing, introducing new sounds & artists from the world to the world; and Piranha Kultur, staging cutting-edge festivals and providing programming and production services for events worldwide. International music networking events such asWOMEX and Classical:NEXT came next. Latest additions arePiranha Research, re-thinking and re-searching the relationship between music & IT; and Piranha Consult, providing international expertise for a diverse range of partnerships, such as Porto Musical [Brazil], Atlantic Music Expo [Cabo Verde], Sound of the Xity [China] and more.

The independent shareholder company is legally represented by CEOs Frank Klaffs and Michael von Petrykowski, and supervised by a board consisting of "first generation" Piranhas Christoph Borkowsky (President), Brigitte Bieg and Ben Mandelson.

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Kreuzbergstrasse 30
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