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UNIQLO Europe Ltd.

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UNIQLO is a modern Japanese company that inspires the world to dress casually.

UNIQLO has enjoyed strong growth by offering high-quality casual wear at reasonable prices based on its SPA (Specialty Store Retailer of Private Label Apparel) business model, which spans product design, manufacture, distribution and retail.

The first UNIQLO store opened in 1984 in Japan. UNIQLO now has more than 1650 stores and worldwide operations, including the U.K., China, Hong Kong, South Korea, the United States, France, Singapore, Russia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany and Australia.

Part of the Fast Retailing group, Uniqlo is truly determined to achieve the goals in the group's mission statement: "Changing clothes. Changing conventional wisdom. Change the world." and to become the Number 1 Retail Apparel Group in the world.


Mittelbetrieb (50-249 MA)
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Betriebswirtschaft, Management


Clara Sanson 
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