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LOCK8 is not only the world's first sensor & alarm secured, GPS tracked, remote locking smart bike lock - but also the first global bike sharing platform!



Lock8 is the next generation of bicycle lock security. Pioneering the world's first GPS tracked, smartphone enabled, socially integrated lock. 

Around 2 in 3 cyclists have been the victim of bike theft, so we have been developing the world's first ever smart bicycle lock - Lock8 - for over a year. 

With Lock8 when a thief tries to tamper with your bike, they’ll trigger a 120db alarm and we immediately notify the owner via push notification to their mobile phone. Any attempts to hammer, saw, freeze or melt a Lock8 will activate the intelligent motion and temperature sensors. Locking and unlocking on the other hand is a breeze, just slide the screen of your phone with your finger. 

Then there’s the community. Lock8 owners will have full remote control of their bicycle through their mobile phone, enabling them to locate, share, borrow and lend bikes to trusted friends and loved ones via the Lock8 e-key. Useful when socialising over the weekend or locating your children en route to school. 

We’ve been working with a great team of top engineers, designers and developers to constantly upgrade the features. In the future you will be able to record your sports data, analyse routes, count calories, build fitness plans, compete with friends and so on. We want to change the way you look at bicycle security.





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LOCK8 device: smart bike lock with GPS tracking.
LOCK8 app: global bike-sharing platform.




Lock8 gets its final design - in February we created one state-of-the-art design. Lock8 is now more user friendly than any similar product has ever been.


12. 2013

First Lock8 Prototype - End of last year we finished our first prototype. It was exciting to see that our technology works and we were thrilled to start with the first production batch.


07. 2012

Patent filed - In early July 2012 we filed the patent for Lock8 and the new security technology we have developed.


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